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Straight teeth in as little as
Six Months!

Our Boynton Beach Dental Office is the first in Palm Beach County certified by Six Month Smiles™ to offer 6 Month Adult Braces.

Have you endured crooked teeth or a gap-toothed grin for years because you didn't want to commit to two years of traditional braces or Porcelain Veneers?  Many people call that crookedness charming, even while longing for a straight, beautiful smile. 

Well, now you can have it with Six Month Smiles™!  The teeth that are visible in your smile are gently moved into the desired position.  Another wonderful feature of Six Month Smiles is that you can hardly see them!  Very thin bands that are either clear or tooth colored are all that’s needed.

And you'll only need to come to the office for adjustments a handful of times.  Not everyone is a candidate for Six Month Smiles, so call today for a complimentary consultation.  Say goodbye to “charmingly crooked” and hello to a new smile in just six months.

Dr. Barr was one of only four dentists in the United States selected to teach the Six Month Smiles™ technique to other dentists in 2010.

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